Robust control algorithms design.


Systems optimized for several applications.



Control algorithms implementation.


RPAS oriented research and development.






System validation against disturbances.


Training for researchers.


Pictures and videos

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  • Agressive manoeuvres - Ricardo Sanz at Hangzhou (China)

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  • Control with input/output delays based on UDE

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  • UDE + predictor

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  • Automations Conference 2014

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  • Altitude control using UDE

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  • Kalman Filter demo - ICUAS '14

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  • Outdoor obstacles 2013

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  • Journalist report, year 2012-13 (Canal 9)

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  • Carrying payload - 2012

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  • First flights Compiegne 2002

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  • Laboratory team

  • Working at the lab

  • Awards ceremony - Jornadas de Automática 2014

  • Experimental platform

  • Test-bed platform

  • Automation Conference award 2014

  • Pivoted quadrotor

  • Pivoted quadcopter with PCB

  • Rotatory structure

  • PCB design and manufacturing

  • Final Degree Project: P. Albiol, A. Castillo and D. Verdú

  • OptiTrack camera

  • Flying inside ai2

  • Test-bed platform tests

  • Laboratory flight

  • Testing control algorithms

  • Laboratory

  • Testing our platforms

  • Quadcopter prepared for OptiTrack tests

  • Quadcopter - ai2 outdoor flight

  • Testing new prototypes

  • Indoor autonomous quadcopter flight

  • Protection evolution for indoor flight

  • Ai2 surroundings

  • Flight with obstacle avoidance

  • Aerial indoor platforms

  • Prototype ready to fly

  • Test-bed platform with navigation lights

  • Control calibration flight - indoor



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